Forensic Solutions

Retirement Funds


The Forensic Investigation Process

LSRC Forensics provide solutions to retirement funds where mis-management and mal-administration have occurred. Experienced resources are able to make Funds which have fallen into arrear with regards to submissions to the Regulator and other statutory bodies compliant.

Fund Mal-Administration

LSRC Forensics has pioneered the application of forensic auditing to the identification, quantification and resolution of fund administration problems.

Quantification of Operational and Financial Impact

Identified problems have severe operational and financial impacts on retirement funds. LSRC Forensics has the necessary resources and skills, developed over many years, to comprehensively and accurately deal with any Fund problems.

Recommended Solutions

Once Fund problems have been defined, solutions to ensure that best industry practice is closely followed are recommended to Boards of Trustees.

Solution Implementation

Forensics are able to implement and successfully manage an agreed strategy on behalf of the Fund’s Trustees. Being in possession of a Section 13B Administration License enables LSRC Forensics to repair your Fund in its “Intensive Care Unit” whilst attending to the on-going administration of the Fund.

Claim Assessment and Recovery

To avoid prejudice to fund members and other stakeholders, the recovery of both capital losses of mal-administration and the costs of rectifying the mal-administration is essential. LSRC Forensics is well experienced and has a proven track record of success in this area.

LSRC Forensics specializes in the following retirement fund operational areas:

  • Member Share of Fund rebuilds
  • Audit Valuation of data
  • Section 14 Transfers
  • Outsourcing of Pensioner liabilities
  • GLA and PHI Risk investigations
  • Investigating unclaimed pension and death benefits
  • Managing of administration transfers
  • Correcting and finalizing of outstanding Annual Financial Statements and supervising audits
  • Auditing, correcting and drafting Fund Rules
  • Verifing member static data
  • Analyzing benefit calculations and incorrect payments made
  • Resolving Legal and Compliance matters
  • Managing SARS matters with reference to PAYE and Retirement Fund Taxation
  • Preparing PI claims and recovering damages

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